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Boeken uitlezen in 15 minuten met Blinkist - T-Mobile
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Met Blinkist Free kan je elke dag 1 voorgeselecteerd boek gratis lezen. Met Blinkist Plus heb je volledige toegang tot de alle beschikbare boeken en met Blinkist Premium ontvang je ook nog eens een aantal extra functionaliteiten, zie hieronder. Blinkist Premium: markeerfunctie en audioboeken

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Blinkist: Powerful ideas—15 minutes at a time

Blinkist offers the key insights from top nonfiction in a made-for-mobile format. Get up to 65% off audiobooks, too. Learn anytime, anywhere!

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Free Blink of the Day - Blinkist

Powerful ideas from top nonfiction. Try Blinkist to get the key ideas from 7,000+ bestselling nonfiction titles and podcasts. Listen or read in just 15 minutes. Start your free trial. Blink 3 of 8 - The 5 AM Club. by Robin Sharma.

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Blinkist: Serving curious minds.

Get unlimited access to more than 6,500 nonfiction bestsellers. Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary learning opportunities. Key ideas in 15 min with over 6,500 Blinks in 27 categories. 27 million people growing with Blinkist everyday. Hand-picked recommendations, collections curated by experts, and more.

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About Blinkist

Founded in 2012 by four friends, Blinkist now connects 27-million readers worldwide to the biggest ideas from bestselling nonfiction via 15-minute audio and text.

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What Is Blinkist And Why Is It Being Talked About Around The World?

The Blinkist app collects key insights from over 5000+ of the world’s best nonfiction books into snappy 15-minute reads and listens. After successfully securing $35 million in funding and quickly acquiring over 21 million users, Blinkist is one of Europe’s most exciting companies.

Blinkist - Wikipedia

Blinkist is a book-summarizing subscription service based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012 by Holger Seim, Niklas Jansen, Sebastian Klein, and Tobias Balling and has 23 million downloads as of 2023.

Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min - Apps on Google Play

Blinkist gives you all the big ideas, spades of inspiration, and learning to help curious minds grow. From great audio books & podcasts come important ideas! Blinkist transforms the key...

Blinkist » Ervaringen voor en door klanten in 2023 - NederlandReview

Blinkist verbindt 6 miljoen lezers wereldwijd met de grootste ideeën uit de bestverkochte non-fictie via audio en tekst van 15 minuten. Mocht je willen weten welke boeken je exact kunt lezen en luisteren adviseren we je een kijkje te nemen op de website van Blinkist.

Blinkist - YouTube

Blinkist — bite-sized learning at your fingertips. 30,694 views 4 months ago. Blinkist connects people with powerful ideas from leading authors and experts to broaden perspectives, gain ...

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The best nonfiction knowledge, from Management to Psychology - Blinkist

Blinkist offers summaries of great nonfiction books’ key insights in a made for mobile format. Learn something new every day - on your smartphone, tablet or PC. From leadership to psychology, we’ve blinked it for you.

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Blinkist Media Kit - brand identity, guideline and assets.

Welcome to the Blinkist Press Room. Here is everything you need to know about Blinkist. From our story to brand photography, we've got you covered. Whether you're a journalist, blogger, or simply curious about Blinkist, this is the perfect place to learn about us.

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Blinkist Business Blog - Personal Growth for the Modern Learner

Finding Opportunity in Times of Disruption and Change. Change is tough, but it’s also a time for limitless opportunities, positive change, and growth. Jason argues that all change happens in four phases... See more posts. Personal Growth for the Modern Learner.

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Blinkist Support

Promoted articles. Blinkist Spaces Community Guidelines. What’s Blinkist Spaces and how does it work? Go1 acquires Blinkist! You can now find all of our updates in one place! Playback keeps stopping on my Android device. App shows weird behavior? Issues with 'Save your Purchase'?

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What exactly is Blinkist? – Blinkist Support

Blinkist helps you understand powerful ideas and the world around you through insights from the world's best nonfiction titles. Listen to...

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Login - Blinkist

Approve requested titles and manage your catalog at Blinkist. Access your reports. Access past reports and current reports. Gain valuable insights on your titles. ...

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Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min 12+ - App Store

Blinkist transforms the key insights of 6,500+ bestselling nonfiction books & popular podcasts into powerful explainers you can read or listen to in 15 minutes. Over 26 million users use us as a tool on the most valuable & challenging journey known: reaching their potential.

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10 Years of Microlearning: The Blinkist Journey

Over 26 million users and 1,500+ global companies subscribe to the microlearning app. Ben Schuman-Stoler, Director of Content at Blinkist, shares insights into the journey of creating our bite-sized learning platform and what’s in store for the future of microlearning. by Ben Schuman-Stoler — May 12, 2023.

Blinkist | LinkedIn

About us. Used by over 26 million people worldwide, Blinkist is an award-winning app that finds the most relevant, impactful books and podcasts and distills them down to their key ideas, which can ...

Blinkist reviews | Bekijk consumentenreviews over - Trustpilot

Ben je het eens met de TrustScore van Blinkist? Geef jouw mening en bekijk wat 313 andere klanten vinden.

Blinkist - YouTube

Used by over 26 million people worldwide, Blinkist finds the most relevant, impactful books and podcasts and distills them down to their key ideas, which can be read or listened to in 15-minute ...