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A modulator-demodulator or modem is a computer hardware device that converts data from a digital format into a format suitable for an analog transmission medium such as telephone or radio. A modem transmits data by modulating one or more carrier wave signals to encode digital information , while the receiver demodulates the signal to ...

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A modulator is much easier to implement by manipulating the phase and amplitude of the individual I and Q signal components versus trying to precisely change the amplitude and phase of a sine wave directly. An IQ demodulator is used in a radio receiver and essentially does the opposite of an IQ modulator.

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1. an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or from a computer via telephone or other communication lines. v.i., v.t. 2. to connect or connect to by modem. [1955–60; mo (dulator) - dem (odulator)]

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A demodulator is an electronic circuit that is mainly used to recover the information content from the modulated carrier wave. There are different types of modulation, and so are demodulators. The output signal via a demodulator may describe the sound, images, or binary data.

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I/Q Modulators and Demodulators. Analog Devices offers broadband and narrowband IQ modulators and IQ demodulators with excellent dynamic range, suitable for zero IF (ZIF) designs. ADI's IQ modulators and demodulators are commonly used for direct downconversion designs for point to point radio designs, test and measurement ...

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Demodulator. The device which does the funtion of demodulation is referred as demodulator. The demodulator device which works on Radio Frequency is known as RF demodulator. The demodulator will convert received complex waveform into baseband informations (i.e. analog or digital).

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Definition. A modulator is an electronic circuit that superimposes a low-frequency (information) signal onto a high-frequency (carrier) signal for the purpose of wireless transmission. The reason for this is that higher frequency signals can be received using shorter aerials, which are more practical than longer ones.

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Modulator / demodulator zijn verkrijgbaar bij Mouser Electronics. Mouser biedt voorraadoverzichten, prijslijsten en gegevensbladen voor Modulator / demodulator.

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modulator - Zelfstandignaamwoord 1. (elektronica) (informatica) apparaat voor het moduleren van een informatiesignaal op een draaggolf 2. (medisch) plaatselijke stop in de weefsels Woordherkomst Naamwoord van handeling van moduleren met het achtervoegsel -ator Antoniemen demodulator. Lees verder. Woordenboek vreemde woorden.

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The AD630 is a high precision balanced modulator/demodulatorthat combines a flexible commutating architecture with theaccuracy and temperature stability afforded by laser wafer trimmedthin film resistors. A network of on-board applications resistorsprovides precision closed-loop gains of ±1 and ±2 with 0.05%accuracy (AD630B).

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Products. Analog Functions. Precision Modulators/Demodulators. Analog Devices precision modulators and demodulators support balanced modulation and demodulation, synchronous detection, signal recovery, and a range of other applications in industrial, medical, and communications markets.

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Short for modulator/demodulator, a modem is a hardware device that allows a computer to send and receive information over telephone lines. When sending a signal, the device converts ("modulates") digital data to an analog audio signal and transmits it over a telephone line.

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The AD630 is a high precision balanced modulator/demodulator that combines a flexible commutating architecture with the accuracy and temperature stability afforded by laser wafer trimmed thin film resistors. A network of on-board applications resistors provides precision closed-loop gains of ±1 and ±2 with 0.05% accuracy (AD630B).

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The demodulator consists of mixer, amplifier and a slope detector. The amplifier is not discussed in this thesis. The mixer uses a local oscillator to shift the RF input signal to an intermediate frequency. This thesis proposes a mixer integrated into a local oscillator, using only one transistor.

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radio technology. Table of Contents. Radio technology - Modulation, Demodulation, Signals: A carrier wave is a radio-frequency wave that carries information.

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For example, in a DVD player, modulators convert signals to a format that acceptable for use in a television receiver. Demodulators, on the other hand, take the modulated signal and output the information signal and the carrier signal. The carrier signal does not get further used.

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Modulator-demodulator Een functionele eenheid die signalen, die via datacommunicatiefaciliteiten worden verzonden, moduleert en demoduleert. Eén van de functies van een dergelijke eenheid is het mogelijk maken dat digitale gegevens via analoge transmissiefaciliteiten worden verzonden. toon meer resultaten. Gerelateerde zoekopdrachten. demodulator.

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(MODulator-DEModulator) Een apparaat dat digitale gegevens geschikt kan maken voor transport over een analoog telefoonnet en ze terug kan vertalen naar de oorspronkelijke vorm. Met een modem kan uw computer -via de telefoonlijn- communiceren met en andere computer.

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A demodulator is an electronic circuit (or computer program in a software-defined radio) that is used to recover the information content from the modulated carrier wave. There are many types of modulation so there are many types of demodulators.

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A modulator is a device or circuit that performs modulation. A demodulator (sometimes detector) is a circuit that performs demodulation, the inverse of modulation. A modem (from modulator–demodulator), used in bidirectional communication, can perform both operations.

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Demodulation is getting the original form of data modulated carrier wave. To recover the data from a modulator carrier wave – a demodulator signal circuit comes in use. There are different types of demodulators too. The demodulator output signal may describe as a sound, binary data, or pictures.

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demodulator. (ˈ)dē-ˈmä-jə-ˌlā-tər. noun. Examples of demodulate in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) digital signal processing is then used to separate and demodulate the individual signals at the receiving end. IEEE Spectrum, 26 June 2023.